Best Canon Lens for Astrophotography In 2019

10 Best Canon Lens for Astrophotography In 2019 Today additional photographers demands to use different characteristics and qualities of the lenses. Various characteristics such as focus scale and chromatic. Aberration are given a lot of importance which makes shopping for astrophotography lens difficult.

Definitely, you don’t need to face any kind of problem: therefore, we are covering the Top 10 best canon lens for Astrophotography.

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This lens has the capability of producing sharp images even in low light with very little coma. It is really awesome because this lens from Tamron is considered a good option for the purpose of astrophotography. It offers f/2.8 aperture and a wide-angle which potentially means that you can capture the best possible images at night.

It comes up with other exciting features such as low chromatic aberration, great optics and image stabilization. Which helps you in capturing clear and sharp images even in the low-light settings. Besides astrophotography, it is also quite useful for architecture and landscapes photography.

This lens has got the capability to offer superb performance and image quality. It also offers great versatility to different kinds of photographic situations. It comes up with 18 elements in 13 groups which help in delivering great image quality. It can also be quite useful in delivering the bokeh effects.

 So, it is definitely one of the best canon lenses for Astrophotography that you should definitely think of purchasing.

SIGMA 50MM F1.4 ART DG HSM LENS FOR CANON (10 Best Canon Lens)

This lens from sigma looks quite amazing and it can definitely impress anyone. Furthermore, it is built using good quality material which will help the product to last for a long period of time You exactly know that 50mm lenses are quite a favorite for a lot of photographers. They are very versatile and they can be used for a lot of purposes such as Street Photography, portraits, astrophotography, and landscapes.

The Sigma 50mm f/1.4 Art is perhaps the best canon lens for Astrophotography that you should consider buying especially if you want to take sharp images in a moderate budget.

This lens has been re-engineered and redesigned such that a new standard is set in the art line. It offers a large 1.4 aperture which is quite perfect for shooting almost everything. It is also equipped with Hypersonic motor which ensures that you get a smooth, quiet and accurate autofocusing and perhaps super multi-layer coating. It is also a very high-performance lens for the DSLR sensors.

It comes up with 13 elements divided into 8 groups such that you get unmatched performance even with close-up photography and wide apertures. It is certainly an exceptional standard lens that you should definitely bring to your home.


The lens is constructed in a beautiful manner and it is quite easy to use and it is equipped with the weather sealing

This product from sigma is backed with a wide aperture which makes it one of the best canon lenses for Astrophotography. It is also quite accurate and quick to focus due to the Hyper Sonic Motor and inner focusing system.

This lens has got the capability to capture the shallow depth of field which helps in creating a lovely soft background. It is also available at a lower price point which gives great value for money to the customers.

The HSM ensures that you get high speed, quiet and accurate autofocusing. On the other hand, the focusing system helps in obtaining a superior optical performance while the subjects are at a closer distance.

It also features a large 1.4 aperture which makes it quite convenient in low light. Besides this, the lens is also compatible with Sigma USB dock and Optimization Pro software which makes this lens a perfect choice.


It is made using sturdy material. It is equipped with auto-focus functionality and this lens from Sigma is truly quite fast and wide which is surely going to impress you. Besides this, it comes up with a sophisticated optical design and robust physical construction which makes it a perfect choice for you.  It is further equipped with 15 elements which are present in 11 groups.

Above all, it also has a Multi-layer coating present in it which helps in minimizing the surface reflections, flare as well as ghosting such that the color accuracy and contrast is increased.

It also has consistent image quality and wide focal length which makes the following lens quite suitable for applications such as astrophotography, interior, landscape and architectural. It also has a fast f/1.4 aperture which makes it ideal for low-light and natural shooting.

The lens also helps in providing smooth, fast and silent autofocus performance with the assistance of Hyper Sonic Motor. The lens barrel has also been designed using the composite material which is thermally stable which can work in different conditions and temperature.

In addition, the lens mount is built using brass such that it can offer mounting accuracy as well as long-term durability.


It is relatively lightweight as compared to other lenses in this segment and it is quite inexpensive. This is perhaps the most affordable lens that you can get in the market which makes it great value for money and it is equipped with great optical performance and also the sharpness at the center of the picture is quite excellent.

The following lens from Samyang is considered to be one of the best canon lenses for Astrophotography and it is perhaps one of the most affordable lenses that you can get in the market. It can work quite well for full-frame cameras and it is also quite compatible with the APS-C cameras. Besides this, the construction and build quality are also superb.

The lens construction is divided into 14 elements in 12 groups and it also features 2 ED lens elements. All these elements are useful in minimizing the distortion as well as chromatic aberrations and it offers excellent sharpness which makes it quite ideal for capturing the image at night.

The pictures that you are going to click through this lens are going to be razor clear and sharp, even at corners. On the full-frame cameras it features 115.7 Degree angle of view while on APS-C cameras, it features 115.7 Degree angle of view.


This product is equipped with simple functionalities which makes it quite easy to use and the lens hood is also present which helps to safeguard the lens. It offers Fantastic image quality and it offers different color options but it is not very large in size.

The best thing about this lens is that it offers excellent image quality that can definitely help you out in your professional use.

The Rokinon 14mm f2.4 SP is the fastest wide-angle lens that you would probably get in the market. Besides this, the lens carries the Rokinon Special designation performance and it offers the picture quality of 50 megapixels and 8K video productions. In addition, it can work quite well in low light and offers amazing bokeh feature.

The best thing about this product is the fact that it is available at an affordable price which makes it an attractive option. It offers a metal exterior body and rubber focusing ring which makes the built quality very strong. It offers excellent control of distortion which makes it quite an ideal option to purchase.


It provides accurate autofocus whenever it is needed and it considers sharp output. It comes up with the weather sealing option and the best thing about this lens is that it offers excellent image quality that can definitely help you out in your professional use and It offers Fantastic image quality. It offers different color options but It is not very large in size.

Rokinon AF 14mm F 2.8 is the first autofocus lens that has been manufactured by the company. It also offers weather sealing option that is the first of its kind produced by the Rokinon. It offers best in class optical performance and at the same time, it is quite good for professional use. All these make it quite tempting to purchase this excellent product.

This lens features a bright 2.8 aperture, 7-blade aperture for the pleasing star and bokeh effects and weather sealing against different elements. If you compare it with the lens of the same class, then it is definitely the pick among those. It has reduced weight and size, wider angle of view, faster and accurate operation.

In order to produce superb image quality, it utilizes anti-reflective coatings and also contains fifteen elements in ten groups. Outstanding image clarity is produced from the center to the corners of the image with the assistance of four High Refractive Index lens.


It has a very good quality lens which looks quite beautiful and it gives a cinematic look. It is not very tough to use and once you are used to operating it you would never face a problem. There is a lot of camera lens available with different price range which may or may not justify the price tag. If we talk about this particular product, then it certainly offers the best value for money that you might have invested.

The bokeh feature from this lens is exceptionally good and it wouldn’t distract you at all. Besides this, it is creamy and you will definitely get outstanding out of focus area with the help of this lens. It comes with Nice bokeh and it produces sharp image quality. It is made using sturdy materials which can last for a long time.

Rokinon SP 85mm F1.2 is one of the best Canon Lens for Astrophotography that you can opt for. It is a high-speed product and works according to the highest photographic standards. It produces 50 megapixels image quality and 8k video productions with exceptional focus capabilities and low light.

It is made using premium quality material and it is quite fast which helps in providing optimal performance. Besides this, it features nine-blade diaphragms and large aperture which can potentially blur the background and at the same time create gorgeous bokeh.

It is quite ideal for weddings and portraits and it is also a good choice if you wish to click a photo in low light conditions and astrophotography. It also has ten elements in seven groups which ensures that you get top-notch image quality from the center as well as from the corner of the image.

The Rokinon SP 85mm F1.2 is also equipped with damped, precise and easy to use manual focus control. Furthermore, it also has a filter mount (non-rotating) which can be used with polarizing.


The lens delivers sharp and clear video quality as well as tight color matching that is needed for a professional videographer. It features a large aperture design that works in low light and perhaps gives an amazing picture quality and the focus is achieved without any rotation or lengthening of the elements of the front lens. It offers great wide-angle lens suitable for amazing photography and cinematography. It can cover the full-frame sensors equivalent to the size of 35mm film and it offers you great value for money. This is second on our list of the best Canon lens for Astrophotography which offers great ultra-wide-angle photography as well as image sharpness. Besides this, it comes at a very affordable price which makes it an attractive option.

The Rokinon 14mm T3.1 Cine DS Lens for Canon has been designed in such a way that it can be quite useful for cinematographers and videographers. Besides this, the lens is compact and solid which makes it quite travel-friendly and perhaps easy to use. It also includes the industry geared focus rings and de-clicked apertures. The glass of the lens is Ultra Multi-coated and the focusing scales are present on both side of the lens.

The UMC coating of Rokinon’s enables the consistent color rendition and at the same time minimizes the ghosting & Flaring. It also includes the removable petal-shaped lens hood which provides the flare protection when you are shooting without using a matte box.

The lens is also useful for low-light shooting and also useful in creating a shallow depth of field. It also features a 6-blade aperture which allows for creating beautiful and soft bokeh.


With this lens, you can get an ultra-wide rectilinear view which is quite good for landscape photography, real estate photography, astrophotography, street photography, etc.

It offers excellent sharpness and low coma which makes it quite ideal which for capturing the images at night and Prime lenses, in general, are quite light, sharp and they can even work quite well even in the low lighting condition. It comes at very affordable pricing and It offers great images which are quite crisp. It is equipped with a solid lens cap which provides extra protection.

This product from Rokinon is simply amazing and it is designed in a way such that it provides dramatic 115.7 degrees on the full-frame cameras. It is quite perfect for capturing landscapes, astrophotography, and real estate images.

Besides this, it also works quite well with DSLR and Mirrorless cameras to provide 94-degree angle with APS-C cameras, 90 degrees with the Canon APS-C cameras and 76 degrees with the Micro 4/3 cameras. It also helps in producing clearly defined images having minimum chromatic aberrations and distortion.

It uses 1 Hybrid Aspherical element, 2 ED elements, 3 High Refractive index and also one glass Aspherical element for sharply defined images.  This product also utilizes Ultra Multi-Coating to reduce the ghost and flare images.

The lens offers the highest quality and at the same time, it is quite affordable as well. It is designed for the full-frame cameras and it is quite compatible with the APS-C cameras. The picture that you click from the lens can be clear and razor-sharp even at the corners as well.

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