How To Recover Deleted files From Galaxy Note 10 & 9 (Easy Method)

How To Recover Deleted Files From Galaxy Note 10 & 9. Did it happen to you that while you’re deleting your useless images from Gallery? Mistakenly you delete the image which is very essential. Don’t worry here I have The Easiest Method And Way To recover All your Files on Galaxy Note 10 And 9. You are here because you searched for easy and true guidance to reach you on your goal. Follow each step carefully with full consideration.

How To Recover Deleted Images From Galaxy Note 10 & 9 (Easy Method)

This content includes 2 most easy ways to provide you the best way. there is much software by which you can recover your files. But I find the most useful methods that help you more with comfortable steps. These 2 ways work both for Samsung Galaxy Note 10 & 9 correctly. 

Method #1. Use Gihosoft Software App.

If you haven’t synced your phone with your login Gmail account. And you don’t have a backup on the cloud. Here you can recover your all files using Gihosoft Software App. This software App is Compatible with almost 6000+ Android devices including the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and 10. and can recover your contacts. Messages, Call history, Videos, Music, Images and more. 100% recovery rate and trusted by millions of Android users worldwide. The user-friendly program especially for beginners. Easily recovers any file types with or without Android root. And also compatible with both Windows and Mac.

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How To Use Gihsoft Software App To Recover Deleted Files From Galaxy Note 10 & 9

Step 1. Select the File Types That You Need

Launch the program, then select the file types that you want to recover. All file types are checked by default, but you can also untick those you don’t need.

Step 2.  How to connect Device and Select Recovery Method

Connect your iDevice to the computer and click “Next” to select recovery mode. The default mode is “Recover Data from iOS Device/iTunes Backup”. Your iDevice and the iTunes backup file that matches it will be selected as the source to scan for lost data.

Step 3. Select File Types and Recovery Method
Launch the program and select the file types you lost, then click “Next” to skip connection. Tick “Recover Data from iCloud Backup”.

Step 4. Log in to iCloud Account and Scan Data
Input your Apple ID and password to log in. You’ll be presented with your iCloud backup record. If there are several backup files, choose one and click “Next” to scan.

Step 5. Preview and Extract Data from iCloud
Preview the contents from the iCloud backup. Select the files you need, then click “Recover” to save the data to your computer.

1. When the recovery is done, the program will remind you to open the exported folder. You’ll see all the files there. Double click the last file “index.html”, and you’ll be able to view and print all the text data conveniently.
2. Some data that have been overwritten can not be recovered. You’re strongly recommended to use this program as soon as possible after data loss.

Method 2. Recover Deleted Photos From the Samsung Cloud Recycle Bin

Method 2 is easier than method 1. To try, you have to make sure that you add your Samsung account to your phone to use Samsung Cloud. And follow properly the steps below to add your Samsung Cloud to your phone.

Firstly, go to the Settings of your phone. Secondly, find Clouds and Accounts tab. Thirdly, tap Samsung Cloud to open it. And tap on Gallary. Then turn on Syncing Options to Sync all your photos to Samsung Cloud. There you can view your Samsung Cloud account on the web. By visiting the support Samsung cloud. once you are signed in there you can see all your sync data and files.

After sign in with Samsung Cloud on your Samsung phone, you can recover deleted photos from Galaxy Phone’s Recycle Bin. Go to the gallery app. Then hit the icon three dots at the top right corner. Tap settings and Recycle Bin. There you can see all your deleted images. 

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