Samsung Galaxy S10+ – Best Android Phone in 2019

Galaxy S10+: Hello Guys, Hope you are all feeling well. As you know that our world is surrounded by technologies which make our life easier as common. the truth is here that, 90 percent of our life is completed with our pocket smartphones. As they save our time, make easy communication and extra things which we’re complete with them.

Hope this article helps you to know more about Samsung Galaxy S10+. We tried our best to reach out the best information based on Samsung Galaxy S10+ to help you. 

Wow outstandingly perfect, Samsung stands above the rest with the Galaxy S10+, the Galaxy S10+ is a great starting point — if not the best pick without any other consideration. Think of just about any spec or feature you want from a smartphone, and the Galaxy S10+ will have you covered; therefore, it does so in a complete package of great hardware and a beautiful display. Samsung’s latest incorporates all of the features people want, with very few compromises or shortcomings. The Google Pixel 3 XL contains an interesting choice with simpler software and a better camera.

Samsung Galaxy S10+ — Best overall

Amazingly, Samsung gives everything that people crave in a high-end smartphone and packages it all up into a single device, the Galaxy S10+ matches or beats the competition in hardware, with every little spec and feature you could ask for, and ties it up in beautiful metal and glass with the best screen you’ll see all year.

Samsung Galaxy S10+

Best-in-class display

⦁ Great battery life

⦁ Fun wide-angle camera

⦁ Software features galore

⦁ Headphone jack and SD card slot

Samsung Galaxy A9 Review And Specification

It really broke the news because, in the camera department, Samsung is still a step behind Google in overall photo quality; but the new ultra-wide camera adds a fun option to complement its already solid pair of cameras. One of the most mind-blowing parts of the spec story is the battery, which at 4100mAh can manipulate even the toughest days without being scared of a midday top-up. It is really overwhelming for everybody to use.

Google Pixel 3 XL — Best Camera

It has a very special and marvelous camera like you’ll feel right at home on a Pixel 3 XL. Google doesn’t include the same pile of features or customization options as Samsung, but the result is a software experience anyone can pick up in a couple of minutes and enjoy for months.

Actually, Google holds the lead is in camera quality. Even with a single lens, photo quality is so far ahead of the competition it almost isn’t fair; and selfies (from two cameras this time) continue to be a Google strength. The Pixel 3 XL doesn’t have enough to steal everyone away from the Galaxy S10+, but it should absolutely be considered.

Samsung Galaxy S10+

⦁ Rear, primary: 12MP, 26mm-equivalent, f/1.5, Dual Pixel PDAF, OIS

⦁ Rear, telphoto (2x zoom): 12MP, 52mm-equivalent, f/2.4, OIS

⦁ Rear, ultrawide: 16MP, 12mm-equivalent, f/2.2

⦁ Front, primary: 10MP, 26mm-equivalent, f/1.9, Dual Pixel PDAF

⦁ Front, depth-sensing: 8MP, 22mm-equivalent, f/2.2

Is Galaxy S10+ worth it?

If you are looking for innovative design with powerful performance and the most beautiful display out there in any smartphone, then Galaxy S10+ will not disappoint you. This year’s galaxy is better than ever before as it has checked all the boxes. Whether we talk about camera department or we want our phone to be blazing fast, S10+ is the all-rounder. Samsung has set the price of Galaxy S10+ at $999, that is too much for a smartphone where we have so many options in half of the price. However, Galaxy S10+ delivers the comfort, luxury and premium feel to it which we cannot find in any other android phone available in the market right now. samsung galaxy s10+

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